9001Quality Management System – ISO 9001

ICS has external accreditation to Quality systems based on the requirements
of the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001.

Our Quality objective is to supply services to the satisfaction of clients and in conformity with industry standards and legislative requirements.

ICS listens and values feedback from all stakeholders as we strive to continually improve the quality of our customer service and satisfaction.

Our key focus is customer satisfaction and ensuring quality and performance meets specification. ICS realises the importance of regular consultation and responsiveness
with the client in order for the contract to be a success.

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Health and Safety – AS/NZS 4801AS4801

ICS has external accreditation to OHS systems based on the requirements
of the Occupational, Health and Safety Management System Standard AS/NZS 4801.

ICS is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment
for all people involved in our business. ICS promotes a culture where harm
to our people through work is unacceptable and are committed to a
policy of ‘Zero Harm’.

Our OHS objective is to ensure our own employee and contractor safety,
along with the safety of our clients’ employees and members of the public.
This provides our clients with the satisfaction of knowing that we
are working within compliance standards and legislative requirements.

Our dedicated Quality, Safety and Environment Manager works with our
management team and site supervisors to ensure a safe work environment
for all, which includes continuous improvement of all safe work practices.

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Environmental Management – ISO 14001

ICS has external accreditation to Environmental systems based on the requirements of the Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001.

The ICS team is very proud and excited to be on a journey of improving our environmental performance. We recognise the importance of these improvements and are continuing to challenge and review our current operational practices and work with you to achieve your environmental goals.

Cleaning across a diverse range of industries, ICS sees this as an opportunity to work with staff and clients to influence more sustainable and health promoting behaviours
that have a positive effect on our environment.

Key areas include:

As part of ICS’ environmental processes we will work with you and discuss ways in which ICS can support
and improve your environmental initiatives, specifically with the use of environmentally friendly products.

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IICRCIICRC Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration

ICS is a certified IICRC firm, which ensures clients are provided with the highest standard of cleaning and restoration services performed by highly qualified, trained and professional staff.

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Contractor Accreditation Ltd (CAL) Certification


ICS is certified by Contractor Accreditation Ltd (CAL), which recognises financially viable and technically capable contractors working in the Northern Territory’s building and construction sector.

All accredited companies are required to:

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